Registry Information for 14743
Model Info: 1971 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 76/63
Delivered To: Silvestri in Italy
Color: Verde Blenheim met/Tan
Mileage: 50806 km (in 2013)
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
Location: (Limited to Owners Only)
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History: (Limited to Owners Only)
Advertisements: For Sale in Auction on 1/15/2011 for $139,000.00
Described As:
The 365 GTC/4 was unveiled to the motoring public at the 1971 Geneva Salon as a replacement for the 365 GTC and was offered for sale alongside the Daytona as a still very rapid but more civilised road car. The engine was the Lampredi-designed 4.4 litre V12 producing 320bhp at 6,200rpm and featuring the same four-cam layout as the Daytona, with six dual-choke Webers. Such a high specification made the 365 GTC/4 a very quick car, its all-round independent coil-sprung suspension with telescopic dampers ensuring it also had impeccable road manners. As a car for everyday use the 365 GTC/4 was extremely practical for a Ferrari, with both power steering and air conditioning fitted as standard, not to mention independently-reclining driver and passenger seats. The striking and stylish coachwork was one of Pininfarina's most elegant designs and has proved timeless. Only 500 examples of the 365 GTC/4 were produced, all of them coup├ęs. Production only lasted for one year as although Ferrari buyers were impressed with the car, it was expensive and came at a time when supercars were suffering from the energy crisis. Presented in sparkling Verde Pino Metallic with dark beige leather interior, this GTC/4 has covered only 50,000km from new in the hands of its 3 owners. This Ferrari is offered in superb condition having just emerged from the workshop of the renowned Ferrari expert Carlo Bonini of Reggio Emilia. With its original plates and libretto and invoices for all recent work there surely cannot be a better example available today. Questa attraente coupe della seconda serie e rifinita in verde pino metalizzato con interni in contrasto beige. Con solo 50,000 km percorsi e tre proprietari da nuovo, la Ferrari e descritta dal venditore come in condizioni eccellenti dopo un restauro del famoso esperto Carlo Bonini di Reggio Emilia.
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365 GTC4 14743 (24) (click to enlarge)
365 GTC4 14743 (24)
365 GTC4 14743 (click to enlarge)
365 GTC4 14743
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