Registry Information for 14815
Model Info: 1971 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 99/81
Delivered To: Harrah in USA
Color: Black/Black
Mileage: ?
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
Location: (Limited to Owners Only)
Details: (Limited to Owners Only)
History: (Limited to Owners Only)
Advertisements: For Sale in on 11/11/2012 for $107,360.00
Described As:
Listed online as lot 123 at
Estimation : 80 000 / 110 000 €
French title
Chassis n° 14815

- No reserve
- High performance
- Rare car, well-equipped and comfortable
- Less well known, undervalued model
- Superb original presentation

Having been bought at a Monaco auction in 1989 by its previous owner for some 250,000 Euros, this Ferrari 365 GTC/4 passed into the current owner's hands at an Artcurial sale in 2005. Shortly afterwards, the car benefitted from major work, including valve clearance, overhaul of the fuel system, including removing the carburettors and replacing gaskets, overhaul of the rear brakes and repair to the light control stalk.
Since that time the car has been driven very little, while being regularly maintained by a former Ferrari mechanic in Marseille.

This year, to retain the highest standards of presentation, work was carried out on the sunroof, air-conditioning and starter motor, and the car was re-sprayed.
Elegantly liveried in black with beautifully preserved black leather interior, the car is fitted with an Ansa exhaust.
A sunroof allows full enjoyment of this very fast coupé, equipped with a 4.4-litre V12 engine, similar to that in the Daytona, producing 340 bhp. Here is a rare car (approximately 500 examples built) that is widely undervalued, Long journeys can be confidently undertaken in comfort in this sophisticated and luxurious machine.
The exemplary condition of this example is an extra factor to tempt an enthusiast.

For Sale in Anamera on 3/16/2014 for
Described As:
Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Very Rare Sunroof
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