Registry Information for 14891
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 106/91
Delivered To: Harrah in USA
Color: Blue/Black and Red
Mileage: 48,426 miles (in 2023)
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
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Advertisements: For Sale in eBay on 10/3/2009 for $98,000.00
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Item number 200390698394.

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Blue with a black interior 45,836 miles. The 365 GTC/4 Ferrari comes with a 4390 cc four cam engine that is fitted with 6 38 DCOE weber Carburetors that make 340 horse power at 7000 rpm. The car has independent suspension all the way around. These cars are considered to be one of the best driving examples of the front engined V-12 Ferrari cars. There were only 505 examples made of this model making it very rare.
This example is finished in a very pretty sky blue color with a black interior with red carpets. The car is fitted with borrani wire wheels. the car has 45,836 miles. The seats are very nicely done in vinyl in the original pattern. I am selling the car on behalf of a customer, he drove the car five hours to get it to me immediately after that I drove the car for another hour without a problem, it runs out very nicely and makes very good power and feels great on the road. The car has very good compression. The car has a fresh valve adjustment and fresh shocks. There is some rust on the outer shell of the mufflers, second gear grinds sometimes on the down shift, the clutch is a bit high but it does not slip. The paint and exterior show very well, the rear window and side windows have been tinted. This is a very nice driving example of what is considered to be one of the best examples of a front engined V-12 Ferrari, finished in a very beautiful color.The car comes with an original jack kit and tool kit. There is a reproduction owners manual and and original USA manual supplement. The car is located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut about 75 miles north of New York City. If you have questions you can reach me at: or call 860-350-1140. I have more photos listed on my web page at: Thank you for looking at my listing.

For Sale in FML on 11/1/2009 for $88,500.00
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365 GTC/4, S/N 14891 (1971 USA production). Blue with black interior. Fresh valve adjustment and shocks. Wire wheels. 45,000 miles. $88,500. 11/09 Forza, , 860-350-1140, fax 860-350-1148 (CT)
For Sale in ebay on 1/9/2010 for $46,000.00
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ebay item 290389221284
For Sale in FML on 5/4/2010 for $112,500.00
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365 GTC/4, S/N 14891 (1971 USA production). Azzuro with black interior. Borrani wire wheels, cold a/c, just serviced and in top condition both mechanically and cosmetically. 45,895 miles. $112,500. 3/10 Motorcar Gallery,, 954-522-9900 (FL)
For Sale in auction RM on 4/4/2011 for
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RM auction, 3/4-6/ 2011 - car not sold at hammer bid of 77500.
For Sale in auction RM on 3/4/2011 for
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Correction- Rm auction in Florida- mar 4 - 6 2011--- car did not sell at a hammer bid of 80,000, vs as previously stated at 77500 365 GTC/4 - S/N 14891 Ice blue with black leather; estimate $95,000 to $110,000. Visually maintained, largely original, 3 condition. Not sold at hammer bid of $80,000. Chrome spoke Borrani wire wheels, 215/70VR15 Pirelli blackwalls, Pioneer CD stereo. Fair repaint but the door window frames are painted and peeling. Sound upholstery. Dead hood struts. Engine has been out and is clean and orderly. The rest of the engine compartment, chassis and underbody is not. RM reported this car with a high bid of $8,000. We chose to assume they'd dropped a zero during data entry. If that is correct the seller should have been rid of this indifferently prepared, maintained and presented C/4 in a heartbeat. Lot #823
For Sale in FML on 2/20/2017 for $395,000.00
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Azzurro metallizzato with blue interior. Cromodora wheels. Restored, documented by Massini. Superb and detailed exceptionally well in every way. All records from new, books, tools and factory jack. 46,000 miles. $395,000. 4202 Autosport Designs, Inc., Tom Papadopoulos, Long Island, NY, www.autosportdesigns. com, 631-425-1555
For Sale in FML on 2/19/2018 for $325,000.00
Described As:
Price reduced. 365 GTC/4, S/N 14891 (Dec. 1971 USA prod.). Azzurro metallizzato with blue interior. Cromodora wheels. Restored, documented by Massini. Superb and detailed exceptionally well in every way. All records from new, books, tools and factory jack. 46,000 miles. $325,000. Autosport Designs, Inc., Tom Papadopoulos, Long Island, NY,, 631-425-1555
For Sale in BringAtrailer on 1/25/2021 for $191,000.00
Described As:
This 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 is one of approximately 500 examples built and was completed in December 1971 for delivery to Bill Harrah’s Modern Classic Motors in Reno, Nevada. The car is said to have been personally used by Harrah before spending time with owners in California and Florida, and a color change to Azzurro Metallizzato was carried out prior to 1985. A 2011 refurbishment in Germany included an additional repaint and new chrome, while the interior was retrimmed in blue following its return to the US in 2013. Power is provided by a 4.4-liter quad-cam V12 that features six Weber carburetors and is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Additional equipment includes a limited-slip differential, a quadruple exhaust system, Borrani wire wheels, four-wheel independent suspension, power steering, air conditioning, and power windows. This GTC/4 has been with the selling dealer for three years and is now offered in Connecticut with manuals, a jack and knock-off hammer, service records, a Marcel Massini report, and transferable New York registration. The 365 GTC/4 entered production in late 1971 and was built on the same assembly line as the GTB/4 Daytona, with which it shared its tubular spaceframe chassis, running gear, and engine. The body was designed and manufactured by Carrozzeria Pininfarina utilizing steel and aluminum panels as well as a fiberglass firewall and floor pans. This example was originally finished in Grigio Argento, but was repainted in its current metallic blue during the first half of the 1980s and a second time during the 2011 refurbishment in Germany. Bodywork at that time reportedly included repair of the front apron as well as cracks in the hood. Several new body seals were also installed and the brightwork was replated. Originally matte black, the front bumper was painted to match the body for the selling dealer in May 2020. A matte blemish in the clear coat is shown on the trunk lid. The walk-around video above also includes views of the interior. Chrome 15” Borrani wire wheels are secured by three-eared knock-off nuts and wear Michelin XWX tires with 2015 date codes. Lighting includes pop-up headlamps that are shown both raised and lowered, triple round taillights on each side, grille-mounted fog lamps, and the side markers unique to US-market examples. The cockpit was reupholstered from black and red to blue leather and carpets by the selling dealer for its previous owner in 2013. The front seats are equipped with shoulder belts, while the fold-down rear bench features lap belts for two. Amenities include power windows, air conditioning, and a CD player mounted in the upper console. A leather-wrapped steering wheel frames Veglia Borletti instrumentation including a 180-mph speedometer, a tachometer with a 7k-rpm redline, and gauges monitoring oil pressure and coolant temperature. The five-digit odometer shows 48k miles, 1,600 of which have been added by the selling dealer. The center dash houses a clock as well as gauges for fuel level, oil temperature, and amperage. The 4.4-liter Tipo F101 AC 000 V12 incorporates an alloy block, sump, and cylinder heads along with cast steel cylinder liners, and can be seen running in the cold-start video above. Six twin-choke Weber 38 DCOE sidedraft carburetors are positioned on the outer sides of the cylinder banks to allow use of a lower hood line than the Daytona’s downdraft setup. US models featured dual distributors and were factory-rated at 320 horsepower. An oil change was carried out in 2020. The hood struts do not hold the hood up. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission, a torque tube, and a 4.09:1 limited-slip differential. Stopping is handled by power-assisted disc brakes all around, which were flushed in 2020. The car is also equipped with power steering and four-wheel independent suspension. The Marcel Massini report lists the original colors, production date, and delivery to Modern Classic Motors as well as additional information from various points through 2015. Invoices from the refurbishment in Germany are also shown in the gallery. A ride-along video is provided below.
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