Registry Information for 14953
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 129/152
Delivered To: Chinetti in USA
Color: a close approximation of Amaranto/black leather
Mileage: 99K miles
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Described As:
Gentlemen, Sadly the time has come for me to pass 14953 on to another caretaker. I have enjoyed the car a lot over almost 9 years, logging so far 35K miles, taking some long, glorious trips around the country and even driving on a few race tracks at lunch-time speeds just to say the car has done them. Only one flatbed problem from a worn-out drive shaft coupling close to the house. Even though the car has painted bumpers done by the previous owner (body color) it has won several awards including a gold at the 2013 FCA National Concours at Road America perhaps because I drove out there a second time and it may be one of a very few American C/4's with a fully intact emission system (though not hooked up). The odometer is about to hit zero as the car passes 100K and it definitely is in far better shape now than when I traded for it in 2006. The car has just completed it's 2nd valve adjustment(under my stewardship), carburetor cleaning, leakdown test etc. with no surprises. Tom Yang is my representative it if anyone is interested. I plan to buy in another Ferrari, I am just not sure what the model will be.
6 20 10 Hartford Concorso (31) (click to enlarge)
6 20 10 Hartford Concorso (31)
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