Registry Information for 15081
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 165/170
Delivered To: Auto Becker in Germany
Color: Red/Black
Mileage: 106900 km (in 2018)
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
Location: (Limited to Owners Only)
Details: (Limited to Owners Only)
History: (Limited to Owners Only)
Advertisements: For Sale in FML on 7/1/2008 for
Described As:
Jan 2008 offered by ProTrade, Germany. Black with cream leather. ( website) Jul 2008 offered in the FML. Black with tan interior. A very nice and fully restored GTC/4. Exterior fully restored late 2007 with fresh resealed engine. Great handling and good looking. Please visit our web site for full details, history and many photos. 90,000 km. (FML 3314).
015081_GTC4_500 (click to enlarge)
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