Registry Information for 15093
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 160/115
Delivered To: Rossetti in Italy
Color: ?/?
Mileage: ?
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
Location: (Limited to Owners Only)
Details: (Limited to Owners Only)
History: (Limited to Owners Only)
Advertisements: For Sale in FML on 1/1/1989 for
Described As:
Offered 1989 Gary Thieltges, Los Angeles, CA/USA. Black with black inteiror. Engine completely rebuilt with Daytona race components--P6 cams, 10.5:1 pistons. (FML 1402).
For Sale in FML on 5/1/1986 for
Described As:
May 1986 Offered by John Reed, Atlanta, GA. Rosso Rubino with Black. (FML 1109)
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