Registry Information for 15187
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 244/164
Delivered To: Chingar in USA
Color: Black/Black
Mileage: 49052 miles (in 2022)
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
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Advertisements: For Sale in FML on 10/1/2004 for $749,000.00
Described As:
365 GTC/4, S/N 15187 (1972 USA prod.). Red with black interior. Complete engine & transmission out restoration, interior restoration & new paint done in 1997. Borrani wire wheels. Shows like new. 41K miles. $74,900. 10/04 Greg, Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo,, 800-547-4455 (OR)
For Sale in eBay on 6/1/2008 for
Described As:

This 365 GTC/4 is serial number 15187. I have owned the car for three years and the restoration was completed one year ago. What you are looking at is the culmination of 2 years and $200,000. This is the second C/4 I have restored. The first one won platinum at the Ferrari nationals as well a Coppa Bella Macchina. That was and is the only C/4 to have won the coveted Coppa Bella Macchina award. This car #15187 won a Platinum award with a 98.5 the first time shown (½ point deduction was accessed for over restoration of the interior and a one point deduction for an incorrect wrench in the tool kit). It also won the award for the most outstanding 12 cylinder in a field of over 100 Ferrari's. It has only been shown once. It is ready to win a Coppa Bella Machinna.

My current project (a car going to Pebble Beach in August) is consuming my time and financial resources otherwise this car would not be for sale..

Ferrari #15187 had an engine out, transmission and suspension out service and mechanical check 3000 miles ago prior to my ownership. All gaskets, hoses, belts and anything that needed to be address was done before replacing the motor and transmission and installing new suspension. The car has 42,000 original miles. After the restoration the car has been driven approximately 300 miles. The complete interior has been restored, carpets, seats, all mouse fur area (the correct material from Italy)…console, dash, rear parcel shelf etc. All gages were rebuilt, a new dryer and evaporative cooler were installed at that time and a new ac compressor was installed as well. So all the components are new and, yes the AC blows cold and all equipment functions as new. When preparing for the paint job all components were removed including the windshield, doors, bumpers, all trim was polished. There is not an abundance of brightwork on the C/4 , however, they are many trim parts that need restoration which are often overlooked. A paint job does not constitute a restoration contrary to popular practices and sales pitches. All new trim rubber throughout the car, new front windshield and new back glass were installed. It took 9 months to locate the back glass in Italy and over $10,000 was spent on those two items. The surrouding trim gaskets and the glass are perfect. Little items which are seldom seen because they are no longer available were used during the restoration. I bought a supply of parts from a Ferrari judge on the east coast that restored his C/4 in 1990. The parcel shelf plugs are factory and unobtainium, the speaker grill cloth is the same cloth used in the production run,etc. I had the speaker grills molded and fabricated to look original as they tend to warp and crack. The often missing carburetor drip trays are all new. The correct hoses for the under hood air ducts were sourced after many hours of searching. Look at other cars, most people give up on these items..

The car is sitting on Dayton wireless Borrani style rims that are tubeless for driving. I have the original RW4075 correct Borrani’s that came with the car and they are restored. I have the books and manuals and the tools and jacking equipment, everything is there. If the winning bidder is not interested in those items I will deduct $15,000 from the price for the borranis, books and tools..

What you see is what you get, the finest restored 365 GT/4 with all the correct parts, professionally restored in the best of colors and ready to be driven and shown right now. This is not some older restoration, an auction get ready or a car that is $75k-$100k away from being correct and right. It is the one to buy and have. Always buy the best it is cheaper in the long run and infinetely more enjoyable.

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