Registry Information for 15197
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 257/167
Delivered To: MIR MCM in USA
Color: Blue/Beige
Mileage: 44349 (in 2012)
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
Location: (Limited to Owners Only)
Details: (Limited to Owners Only)
History: (Limited to Owners Only)
Advertisements: For Sale in Ferraris Online (Mike Sheehan) on 8/16/2010 for $109,500.00
Described As:
We are pleased to offer 1972 USA model 365 GTC/4 s/n 15197. This is the best running, best driving and best looking 365 GTC/4 we have had in many years. Finished in gorgeous new Rosso Corsa red over a mirror–straight body and fitted with a very nice black leather interior with black carpets. Has had only three well documented long–term owners from new, with the last owner for 27 years.
365 GTC/4 s/n 15197 has just been treated to an engine–out service with the valves set, cams degree’ed, and a new timing chain, new clutch assembly, new motor mounts and a new starter ring gear all fitted. The gearbox has new front and rear shaft seals. The carbs were rebuilt and tuned to perfection and the water pump was rebuilt. The distributors were overhauled and new plugs fitted. All main and secondary seals and gaskets were replaced while the A/C system, cooling system and heater system were rebuilt or serviced and most components replaced. A new brake master was fitted, the calipers were rebuilt and all brake soft lines are new. All shocks and the rear self–levelers were rebuilt and all new ball joints and rear suspension bushings were fitted. Correct USA muffler system. Four new Pirelli P 4000 tires were installed. The engine compartment and chassis were steam cleaned and the engine compartment was painted and detailed. Needless to say the engine, transmission and differential numbers are all correct for this chassis.
The new paint was color sanded and buffed to perfection on a mirror straight body. All wheel wells and under panels were texture coated while the engine compartment was painted. The cam covers and air cleaners were stripped and wrinkle finished. This freshly tuned 365 GTC/4 makes excellent power with no smoke and has excellent oil pressure. The rebuilt suspension is soft and compliant, and the rebuilt brakes stop the car effectively and evenly. Second gear synchro is good, both when warm and cold. This is a wonderfully driving car, and thanks to Factory power steering, all the controls are light to the touch and operate harmoniously. Perhaps no Ferrari of the era achieved such a pleasant balance between performance and luxury, combined with the wonderful Ferrari V–12 exhaust note, as did the 365 GTC/4. All invoices plus detailed photos of the paint work, the color sand and buff, the assembly work and the engine–out service are available on request. Click on the link below for the full ownership and service history and new parts list. Total invoices $34,492.08.
365 GTC/4 s/n 15197 is the best running and best driving 365 GTC/4 we have had in many years and would require little to be ready for the show circuit. Comes with books and the “briefcase” tool set. Priced very right for a great running, great driving 365 GTC/4 and seriously for sale at $109,500 or best offer. We welcome a detailed pre–purchase inspection.
For Sale in RM Auctions on 8/23/2012 for $181,500.00
Described As:
320 hp, 4,390 cc four overhead cam V-12 engine, six Weber 38 DCOE carburetors, five-speed manual transmission, independent front and rear suspension with upper and lower wishbones and coil over shocks, and four-wheel disk brakes. Wheelbase: 98.4"

• Fully restored with over $150,000 invested; 700 miles since completion
• Recent service by Greg Jones
• Striking Blu Sera over Beige leather

The Ferrari 365 GTC/4 was built to succeed two very different cars: the two-seat 365 GTC and the four-seat 365 GT 2+2. Pininfarina’s sleek, simple, and clean body gave little hint that there were two small rear seats inside. Sitting on a 98-inch wheelbase, four inches longer than the GTC and four inches shorter than the 2+2, the GTC/4 felt more like the two-seat GTs that had become the soul of Ferrari’s customer line. Only produced for 18 months, only 500 were built before it was replaced in 1972.

This U.S.-specification Ferrari was delivered in early-1972 to William F. Harrah’s MCM Modern Classic Motors in Reno, Nevada; chassis number 15197 was sold new in Santa Monica, California. It passed to its second owner in the late-1970s and resided in Beverly Hills, California in the 1980s; first in the hands of Michael Geller, then to Melvin Moultry after 1984. Mr. Moultry showed the car in Ferrari Club of America and other concours events from 1984 through 1995, and it was featured in issue #79 of the FCA magazine The Prancing Horse in September 1985.

The current vendor then purchased 15197 from Melvin Moultry in 2010. He commissioned a total restoration of the Ferrari, which was completed in November of 2011. At this time, the GTC/4 was finished in its present Blu Sera over Beige leather color combination—a lovely combination indeed. The quality of this work, carried out by Rod Drew’s FAI in Costa Mesa, California, is immediately revealed upon viewing the car.

The interior’s presentation is commensurate with the exterior cosmetic work. The Alcantara covering the dashboard and console is in excellent condition, and the beautifully sewn and installed seats and door panels show hardly any sign of use on their supple beige leather surfaces. The correct wool carpets have been fitted as well. All instruments, controls, and levers are said to operate as intended, including the original Blaupunkt cassette and the air conditioning unit.

Aside from the mechanical components, including the completely rebuilt suspension, carburetors, exhaust headers, Ansa exhaust, and the fully restored Borrani wire wheels shod with Pirelli P4000 radial tires, the engine compartment itself is in concours quality condition, with all correct fittings and finishes in place.

In all, this restoration work amounted to over $150,000, for which receipts are available for review upon request, along with a photographic record of the entire process. Driven approximately 700 miles since completion, this Ferrari is reportedly fully sorted. thanks to a follow-up service by Greg Jones. It would be difficult to imagine a more compelling example of this front-engined V-12 Ferrari GT.
For Sale in RM Auctions - Amelia Island on 3/14/2015 for $495,000.00
Described As:

Sold on 3/14/2015 at RM Auctions Amelia Island for $440k bid, plus fees for $495k totdal.

320 bhp, 4,390 cc DOHC V-12 engine with six Weber 38 DCOE59/60A side-draft carburetors, five-speed manual transmission, four-wheel upper and lower wishbone, coil-spring independent suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Wheelbase: 98.4 in.

  • Beautifully restored in Blue Sera over Beige
  • Recently serviced by Autosport Designs
  • An ideal four-place touring Ferrari

At its heart, Ferrari’s 365 GTC/4 was graced with the 4.4-liter V-12 from the 365 GTB/4 Daytona. However, the 365 GTC/4’s engine was fitted with side-draft carburetors in order to create a sleeker and lower hood line. The new car also boasted a very similar chassis to the Daytona, which had been stretched by 100 millimeters to allow for extra cabin room.

The 365 GTC/4, which was wonderfully appointed with sumptuous Italian leather, ZF power steering, power brakes, and a radio, was made to soak up hundreds of miles at high speed. The suspension was also fitted with a hydro-pneumatic self-leveling device on the rear suspension, presumably in an effort to help accommodate its owner’s luggage. Only 500 examples were built over an 18-month period, making it much rarer than its predecessor.

Chassis 15197, a U.S.-specification 365 GTC/4, was delivered new to William Harrah’s Ferrari distributorship, Modern Classic Motors in Reno, Nevada, shortly after it was completed in 1972. It was sold later that year to an owner in Santa Monica, California. The car would remain in Southern California, and in 1980, it was listed in the Ferrari Owners Club USA’s newsletter as being owned, as of June 1980, by Michael R. Geller, a general contractor residing in Beverley Hills, California.

By 1984, the car had been purchased by Melvin Moultry, also of Beverly Hills, who showed the car at the Ferrari Club of America International Meeting in Carmel Valley, California. The following year, the car was featured in issue number 79 of the Ferrari Club of America’s magazine, Prancing Horse. Moultry showed his 365 GTC/4 at the Rosso Rodeo Concours on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in June 1995.

After 26 years of ownership, the car left Moultry’s stable in 2010, and at this time, it was decided that the car would undergo a full restoration. The restoration was tasked to Rod Drew’s FAI in Costa Mesa, California, who fully restored the car to an incredible standard and refinished it in its present color combination of Blue Sera over a Beige leather interior, at that owner’s request. By the time the restoration was completed in November 2011, receipts totaled to nearly $150,000, and it was clear that the restoration truly left no stone unturned in its endeavor to create one of the finest 365 GTC/4s on the planet. Following its sale in 2012 to yet another Beverley Hills-based enthusiast, the car was acquired by a collector based on Long Island. Recently, it has undergone a service by Autosport Designs, of Huntington Station, New York, and it remains in brilliant condition, ready for entry into concours events. It would be the perfect vehicle for a family of four who is looking to enjoy a Sunday drive in quintessential Italian style.

The 365 GTC/4 is considered by many to be a more usable iteration of the famed Ferrari Daytona, and like any four-seater Ferrari, it is an ideal grand touring automobile that combines the best aspects of Italian engineering and luxury. This example is truly one of the finest, and it would certainly satisfy any tifosi.

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