Registry Information for 15635
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 401/410
Delivered To: Harrah in USA
Color: Black/Black
Mileage: 31,000 miles (in 2013)
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
Location: (Limited to Owners Only)
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Advertisements: For Sale in RM Auctions on 7/9/2013 for $225,000.00
Described As:
Sold at Monterey RM Auction 16 - 17 August 2013
From the Estate of William H. Tilley
This mid-production 365 GTC/4 was built during May 1972 and was equipped as a U.S.-specification example. Delivered new to William Harrah’s Modern Classic Motors, in Reno, Nevada, one of the nation’s principal distributors of Ferrari road cars at the time, chassis number 15635 was acquired by Neil O. Chamberlain, of Los Alamitos, California, by 1975, and it probably remained in the Golden State for the balance of its life.
Acquired by Mr. Tilley by the mid-2000s, the GTC/4 has been treated to dutiful care ever since, and it exhibits a strong overall preservation of its largely original condition. Exceptions to this originality are apparent in the seats and interior, which appear to have been reupholstered more recently, and the factory air conditioning, which has been replaced with a trunk-mounted aftermarket unit. The odometer now displays just over 31,000 miles, likely original, and the car exudes characteristic elegance with optional Borrani wire wheels. Tastefully upgraded with a modern Clarion in-dash CD player, this 365 GTC/4 offers a driver-quality Ferrari that will continue to turn heads.
The stunning black finish makes this GTC/4 look particularly sleek. While many collectors find the large black bumpers to be rather obtrusive, they blend in nicely with this color combination. The car is accompanied by a partial tool kit, as well as receipts in the file for various work performed by Fast Cars Ltd., located in Redondo Beach, as well as L.A.-based Blackhorse Motorsports. In addition, this car has been ideally detailed in preparation for its current offering, and the paint, interior, engine bay, and underside appear in very nice and tidy condition.
As the GTC/4 model slowly evolves into a bona fide collectible, 15635 will almost assuredly experience an eventual ramp in appreciation, making this well-treated 365 GTC/4 a relatively inexpensive gateway to Ferrari V-12 speculation. It is a beautiful and superbly maintained example of one of the marque’s most unique 2+2 grand tourers, and it is further distinguished by association with the esteemed Tilley Collection.
Titled as 1973.
Listed on results website as lot 234 at
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