Registry Information for 15807
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 474/461
Delivered To: Harrah in USA
Color: ?/?
Mileage: ?
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
Location: (Limited to Owners Only)
Details: (Limited to Owners Only)
History: (Limited to Owners Only)
Advertisements: For Sale in FML on 1/1/2000 for
Described As:
Offered 2000 by Ferrari of Denver. Red with black interior. 57,000 miles. A particularly nice driving example. Original books and tools. Star alloys. A rot-free Southern car, straight and solid. (FML 2502).
For Sale in FML on 6/1/1992 for
Described As:
1992 offered by Motorcar Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL/USA. Red with black leather. 49,000 miles. (FML 1713).
For Sale in SFExaminer on 7/19/1981 for
Described As:
Offered 1981 by Ferrari of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA/USA. Red with black interior. 19,000 original miles. (SFExaminer 19 Jul 1981).
For Sale in FML on 10/1/1988 for
Described As:
Offered 1988 by Arthur Zimand, Lake Buena Vista, FL/USA. Red with black interior. All original except repaint. 46,000 miles. (FML 1322).
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