Registry Information for 16129
Model Info: 1972 LHD
Assy Seq/Body: 364/?
Delivered To: Crepaldi in Italy
Color: Red/Black
Mileage: ?
Owner: (Limited to Owners Only)
Location: (Limited to Owners Only)
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History: (Limited to Owners Only)
Advertisements: For Sale in FML on 12/1/1980 for
Described As:
1980 offered by FAF Motorcars, Tucker, GA/USA. Metallic brown with natural interior. 14,700 miles. (FML 0525).
For Sale in FML on 11/1/1984 for
Described As:
Nov 1984 Offered by Sportscars Unlimited, Coral Gables, FL. Red with Tan, 23,000 mi. (FML 0924)
For Sale in FML on 9/1/1996 for
Described As:
1996 offered by Jerry Bensinger, Boardman Twp., OH/USA. Flawless red paint, partially restored to highest standards, missing parts. Engine mostly done, apart. FOB CA/USA. (FCA Sep 1996).
For Sale in eBay on 6/24/2019 for $149,000.00
Described As: One of only 500 made, been in storage for nearly 15 years. Very nice condition inside and out. The car was stored in 2004 and properly preserved. I am unsure of the actual mileage as there was no odometer on this car as purchased. I am ready to bring it out of storage in the coming weeks and need to find it a new home. Please note the numbers do not match, the engine, drivetrain, and interior is from another damaged C4. The car was running and driving well when stored but should be gone through. Know minor issues are a small oil leak when running, left rear turn signal wiring or relay needs work, headlight lift ground loose or relay needs work, tachometer drive cable needs replacing, tires need replacing due to age. All fluids should be flushed and renewed. There could be additional items as well. The chain case from the donor car was damaged and repaired, probably the reason for the small oil leak. I will include a good undamaged chain case with the car. The engine block gearbox mounting flange was also damaged and repaired. I have had no problem with the repair but will include a good undamaged engine block with the car. The valve covers are painted red, not the traditional black. I can supply unrestored black valve covers too. Its currently in Findlay Ohio but I plan to bring it to Knoxville Tennessee next month. I work overseas and can arrange a viewing for serious buyers I just need a few days notice. The asking price is below the market value and reflects the non matching numbers and need freshening work that will be required coming out of storage. Reasonable offers are also considered. A lot of spare parts are available at reasonable prices as well to protect your investment. This is a wonderful car with an amazing sound that I greatly enjoyed, just need to start downsizing my collection. Update: Car is now in TN and has been serviced and has been started. Runs and idles great. Started after 3 cranks. Rubber fuel lines are leaking as expected and need to be replaced but no new issues found. Small rock ding picked up during transport low front fender near bumper about the size of a nickel, easy fix. Spare parts available, open for offer on car and parts. 1) Hood 2) Left and Right Door Frames 3) Trunk Lid 4) Front and Rear Bumper 5) Left and Right Fuel Tanks 6) One Cylinder Head 7) Water/Oil Pump Assembly 8) Three Engine Cams 9) Oil Pan with Bottom Cover and Pick Up 10) ZF Steering Gear Box 11) Four Suspension Assemblies with Shocks and Dampers (Some Damage) 12) Four Brake Calipers 13) Brake Booster 14) Two Rear Brake Balancers 15) Undercarriage Heat Shields 16) Stebro Stainless Exhaust System (New) 17) Manuals with Leather Folder 18) One Tail Pipe Assembly 19) One Stainless Exhaust Muffler Module 20) Steering Cross Arm (Connected to Suspension Assembly) 21) Front and Rear Tie Bar 22) One Piece Rear Quarter Panel Glass 23) Steering Column Shaft 24) Ignition Wires (New) 25) Glove Box 26) Trunk Tool Roll with Jack 27) Radiator 28) Two Chromadora Wheels with Spline Hub and Trim Ring 29) Various Gauges including a Speedometer and Two Tachometers 30) Left and Right Interior Tunnel Side Covers 31) Four Octagonal Knock Offs 32) Four 3 Ear Knock Offs 33) Cam Cover Set (6 Pieces) 34) 365 Engine Block 35) Chain Case Housing 36) Left & Right Front Turn Signal Lights with Lens (New) 37) One Set Rear Brake Pads (New) 38) Leather Luggage Straps 39) One Set Side Marker Lights and Lens (4 Pieces) (New) 40) Power Steering Pump 41) Air Pump and Clutch 42) AC Compressor 43) Front Grill 44) Two Headlight Assemblies (One Damaged) 45) One Headlight Lift Motor (Not Tested) 46) Fuel Tank Sender 47) Gas Cap 48) Two Air Filter Elements (New) 49) Two Heater Cores 50) Two Air Vent Diverters 51) Window Lift Mechanical Assembly 52) Accelerator Linkage and Post 53) Two Sets Head Gaskets (New) 54) Box of Various Gaskets (New) 55) Two Vent Hoses (New) 56) Differential 57) Interior Roof Panel 58) Two Sloped Control Panels (One Wood Grain, One Black) 59) Three Motor Mounts 60) Release Console with Handles (Poor Condition) 61) Trunk Release Cable (Short one in Fuel Filler) 62) Two Rear Hub Carriers 63) One Rear Suspension H Arm 64) One Front Suspension Arm (New) Note: All items are used condition and could require repair unless noted as “(New)”.
For Sale in Gullwing Motorcars on 4/26/2021 for $167,500.00
Described As:
This 1972 Ferrari 365GTC/4 is an excellent original example. Red with black leather interior. It runs and drives well but would benefit from servicing at this point. Correct yet non-matching numbers powertrain installed. As one of just 500 units produced between 1971 and 1972, 365 GTC/4s are recognized as an impressive value with lasting appeal. They offer wonderful grand touring capability with the exhilarating performance of the front-mounted 340hp V12 engine. Don't miss the opportunity to own this 365GTC/4 offered at an absolute bargain price.
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